China Stainless Glass Clamp

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Item number:Ø(mm)MaterialSize
GC509.00.02.SFlatAISI 30467*55*28mm
GC509.00.04.SFlatAISI 316
GC509.42.02.S42.4AISI 304
GC509.42.04.S42.4AISI 316
Square glass clamp, suitable for flat/42.4mm dia tube and glass thickness 12 - 17.76mm.
Stainless steel Glass clamp for staircase/railing/balcony projects
Casting glass clamp size 67*55*28mm, in AISI304 satin. We use high corrosion/ rust resistant stainless steel to make this product. Diffreent radius back options for you to choose from, which means you can apply it in different occasion. This glass clamp can hold glass in thickness from 9.52 to 17.52mm. Made by G-RAILING.China Stainless Glass Clamp
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