Electrostatic spraying fence wholesale

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Wall guardrails series are diverse, colorful and widely used, which can be used in conjunction with all kinds of buildings.
Electrostatic spraying double - bar fence in the factory area(AWQ-A) has many features such as free combination, simple installation, landscaping and environmental protection.
Enterprise factory wall protection adds luster to modern enterprises, small and small factories, municipal construction and other places and works.
Company’s Innovation History:
1996-2001 Foundation of the company, we started producing communication equipment
2001-2006 Pioneer of PVC fence, we overcame drawbacks of traditional iron fence
2006-2010 Pioneer of electrostatic spraying steel fence, we complemented beautifying signatures into the fence product.
2010-2014 Pioneer of personalized city furniture fence; we introduced cultural elements into the fence products.
2014-2016 Original smart fence was invented integrating IoT (Internet of Things) technology; we introduced intelligence technology into the fence products.Electrostatic spraying fence wholesale
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