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Work Principle
The basic principle of automatic vibrating sieve machine is the heavy hammer(unbalanced heavy hammer) installed in the electrical axis transform the motor’s rotary motion into horizontal, vertical, tilt motion( three D movement) , then this movement passed to the screen surface. Adjust the upper and lower ends of heavy hammer’s phase angle, this can change the trajectories of materials on the screen surface.

1.Function: screening and filtering any powder or particle material
2.Diameter: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
3.Sieve layer: 1-5 layers, the 1-3 layers is better
4.Screen size range: 10mm-500 mesh.
5.Driven mode: vibration motor driven.
6.Material: carbon steel, material contact parts are stainless steel or all are of stainless steel.
1.Small size, easy moving and space saving.
2.Automatic discharge of impurities and coarse materials, continuous operation.
3.Can reach a maximum five-screen machines, the use of the three-tier proposal.
4.Network for easy, simple, convenient cleansing, fast network for only 3-5 minutes.
5.High screening efficiency-do not mesh plug and powder fly, screen up to 500 mesh(0.025mm)

Model for your choose
Our Model M400, M600, M800, M1000, M1200, M1500 for your choose. Model selection is related to raw materials, output and mesh.
For example: If you sieve to corn starch, capacity is 1600kg/h, 60mesh, the M1000-1s can be arrived.
Model M1000-1S
Power 1.47kw
Valid area 0.7085m2
Dimensions 1160x1160x810
Weight 245kg
How could you choose suitable one? Please answer the following questions.
Screen deck: _____
Mesh size:_____mm
Processing material:_____
Vibrating Sieve supplier
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