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◆ Our History
The familial type of business established in 1981
◆ Our Factory
Currently have more than 500 employees
◆ Our Product
Bolt Cutters, Pipe Wrenches, Gear Pullers, Hammer Wrench
◆ Our Certificate
Year 1998, acquired ISO9002 Certificate (Certificate #3200/992305)
Year 2000, acquired TUV/GS for Bolt Cutters Certificate
Year 2002, acquired ISO9001-2002 Certificate (Certificate #0105Q12305R2M/3200)
Year 2018, acquired ISO9001: 2015 Certificate (Certificate #0017Q310165R6M/3200)
Year 2005, acquired VPA/GS for Bolt Cutters & Pipe Wrenches Certificate
◆ Production Equipment
Casting, Forging, Milling, Drilling, Turning, Polishing, Blasting, Painting, Heat Treatment process, Hardening and Tempering, Quenching Process
◆ Production Market
Bolt Cutters: 3, 000, 000pcs per year
Pipe Wrenches: 3, 600, 000pcs per year
Gear Pullers: 1, 500, 000pcs per year
Hammer Wrench: 500, 000pcs per yearChina REFINERY PIPE AND VALVE WRENCHES
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