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The material silo is usually used as an accessory product of the dry mortar mixing station. It is suitable for bulk cement and dry fly ash. It has the characteristics of rainproof, moisture proof and convenient use. It can be made according to the size required by users. Generally, it is a cylindrical bracket structure. The upper part has dust removal equipment to prevent dust leakage, and the lower part is equipped with a broken arch device to prevent dust from agglomerating, so that the powder is discharged smoothly. It generally uses a bulk cement truck to blow the powder into the warehouse.
It is suitable for storing various bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash, etc. The tank body is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position of the materials. Sheet-shaped (installed) cement silo, sheet-mounted cement silo for the cement silo export packing difficulties, on-site cylinder difficulties, site transfer difficulties, transportation super high and super wide and many other difficulties.
Steel structure part of the warehouse, ladder, guardrail, feeding pipe, dust collector, pressure safety valve, high and low level gauge, discharge valve, etc.
Installation steps:
1. Do the concrete foundation of the warehouse leg
2. Lift the bulk cement tank vertically on the ground with a crane
3. Weld the bottom and the base embedded parts firmly.
1. When it is necessary to discharge, first open the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone and then transport the cement through the cement conveyor. In the process of discharging, if the phenomenon of 鈥渁rching鈥?occurs, press the button of the electromagnetic valve of the arching device in time to blow the air, eliminate the 鈥渁rching鈥?and feed, and ensure the smooth supply of cement.
2. When the cement conveying device fails, first close the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone to prevent the cement from overflowing and causing waste.
Silo ModelDiameterHeightTotal Height
500T6m22.2m28.8mStock Silo
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