Endoscopy Loop factory

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Single use endoscopy ligating loop is made of pre-knotted non-absorbable polypropylene suture
Application: Laparoscopic bariatric surgery, lap colorectal surgery, lap gynaecological surgery,
lap HPB surgery, lap appendectomy and etc.
Advantage of ligating loop
鈼?The operation is reversible, surgeons can cut the suture if the position is not perfect
鈼?Less occurrence in cutting through the tissue
鈼?Good biocompatibility
鈼?Easy to use, easy to control, efficient
鈼?Cost-effective solution compared to Endo-Gia
Item codeSize
QTQ-IIASuture USP # 0, tube 350mm
QTQ-IIBSuture USP #2, tube 350mm
QTQ-IICSuture USP # 0, tube 300mm
QTQ-IIDSuture USP #2, tube 300mm
QTQ-IIESuture USP # 0, tube 260mm
QTQ-IIFSuture USP #2, tube 260mm
User instruction
A.Apply the endoscopy loop into trocar
B.Trap the tissue or vessel
C.Break down the end position (marked) of the tube
D.Drag out slowly and equallyEndoscopy Loop factory
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