Titanium And Nickel Pipeline And Fitting factory

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Baoji Tianbang Titanium & Nickel Co., LTD mainly manufacture nonferrous metal products(titanium, nickel,hafnium and its alloy) titanium and titanium alloy tube,coil,pipeline,fitting,flange,customized equipment such as anode basket for electroplating,shell-tube heat exchanger,container,tower, evaporator,reactor,filter,mixing,storage tank and other device,accessories for chemical,oil,salt,chlorine-alkali,pharmaceutical,fertilizer,metallurgy,machinery industry. There are 40-year experience engineers and 15-year experience technicians,we can design,drafting and provide technical service. Baoji Tianbang has dozens of forging, cutting, welding,surface treatment, mechanical processing, X-ray detection,and other kinds of production and testing equipment. We pay more attention to the quality and customers satisfaction,passing the certificate ISO 9001:2016 quality management system.The company has focused on the technology innovation and new product development. Welcome to visit us,willing to win-win cooperation and development.Titanium And Nickel Pipeline And Fitting factory
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