Industrial Mixer Blender suppliers

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Product features:
1. Full discharge and no leftover.
2. Gentle mixing no damage to fragile material.
3. Low-energy,more adaptable to chemical&physical reaction
Double spiral cone mixer advantages:
1. Rich application experience and highly targeted non-standard design capabilities.
2. Reliable drive configuration. According to the nature of the material, start-up mode, and mixing mode with H different capacity, different power, different output speed of the drive installed H. The drive motor adopts the world-class motor supplier products, such as Siemens, ABB, SEW and other reducer commonly used cycloid reducer or worm reducer. The spray type can use hard-tooth reducer and cycloid reducer. Combined structure (material is injected from the middle, the effect is better)
3. Powerful auxiliary components. The mixer can be installed with a variety of components. Commonly used are coiled steam jackets, honeycomb pressure jackets, circulating media jackets, on-line sampling valves, temperature detection, weighing systems, dust removal and other components.
4. When adding a small amount of liquid, it is necessary to configure the spray spray device, which is more conducive to the uniform dispersion and mixing of the liquid in the main material. The spray system consists of three basic components: pressure source, liquid storage tank and nozzle. Can be customized for various functional non-standard products, such as with spray type, explosion-proof type, heating type, vacuum type, etc. The material can be customized according to the requirements of carbon steel, SS304 stainless steel, SS316L stainless steel, SS321 stainless steel, can also be polyurethane lining or spraying High wear-resistant materials; valves can be customized with plum valve, butterfly, gate, ball valve, etc.
Technical parameter:
Full volume L
Load factorMotor kwSizeweight(kg)Operation conditions
Normal temperature
Atmospheric pressure
SL45-20200.6307535φ38057000Industrial Mixer Blender suppliers
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