Panorama Physical Model Of Power Plant Area factory

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Our History
Model company was founded in 2010, at the beginning of the establishment though there were only 6 people ,they positioned as China's high-end sand table model, for each of the 6 is a professional model master, respectively, architectural model maker, environmental model maker, drawing designer, lighting designer and senior electrician technician. In the absence of the marketing staff, the company won the trust of the Zhejiang University Central Committee, Zhejiang University Energy Research Institute, Hangzhou Steam and Xizi group and other real estate developers . At the end of the same year, the company grew to 20 people and achieved excellent examples.
In 2011, the company demonstrated its results in planning sand table models, lighting and large screen projectors, and achieved a synchronization time error of 0.5 seconds.
In 2012, as we always paid more attention to brand and reputation, we successfully registered the model trademark. In the same year, we won the honorary certificate of "quality and reputation" awarded by the quality supervision Association of small and medium enterprises in china.
In 2013 the company R & D team successfully applied intelligent control procedures to sand table model, all car models can run, Intersection traffic lights completely simulation effect, so that the model car in the sand table encountered red light, stop green line effect.
2014-2016, after several years of development, business covers urban planning, sand table model, industrial machinery model, sales sand table model, science and technology model and other related products ordering production.
Now the mature company still keeping up the pace of China , serving customers all over the world.
Our Factory
Company size of staff is more than 80 people, standardized processing workshop 3000 square meters, office space 500 square meters
Our Product
Sand table model of town planning ,Industrial machinery model, sand table model, scientific and educational model, DIY toy model
Product Application
Museum display sand table model, Planning Museum display sand table model, Sand table model of enterprise exhibition hall, House sale sand table model, Exhibition sales model, Teaching experiment model, DIY game model in primary and middle schools
Our Certificate
Model trademark, Quality assurance unit
Production Equipment
Plane machine engraving machine ,2 grinding machine engraving machine ,2 laser engraving machine , 5 3D printer
Our service
1. When consulting, please provide relevant drawings and materials for making sand table model;
2. Explain the use of sand table model and other requirements;
3. Specify the time and place of delivery.
Discussion: 1. According to the relevant drawings, materials and requirements of the partners, under three workdays the company will provide the preliminary production plan and price budget;
2.Change the production plan and price and then dicuss for a second time.
Determine: 1. determine the sand table model production plan and cost, and determine the project schedule;
2.Two sides considered the contract and signed.
According to the schedule of production, the head of the project is regularly reported to the other party for the actual situation. In case of problems, the two sides will promptly resolve the matter through consultation.
Delivery: 1, according to the time and place stipulated in the contract, punctual delivery, installation, debugging;
2, after the final acceptance of customer acceptance, and signed delivery orders and invoices.
After sales: 1 after-sales service department of the company, in accordance with after-sales service commitments, regular on-site maintenance;
2. After receiving the customer's service, the company will give a response within 24 hours, and be ready to solve the problem at first time.Panorama Physical Model Of Power Plant Area factory
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