Automatic Water Filling Machine manufacturers

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Product Introduction
At Zhangjiagang city AK machinery Co., Ltd, we’re proud to be able to offer our machinery to a number of different industries, like pure water packaging machine, water treatment system, juice filling production line, carbonated drinks production line etc.
pure water packaging machine of model CGF16-12-6 three-in-one machine for PET bottle integrates the functions of washing, filling and capping together. pure water packaging machine is dedicated to the mineral water, purified water and other non-beverage filling the advanced models. The aircraft targeted a transmission bottle neck; Only minimal changes to transform pieces can be applied to a variety of sizes of the format, the greatest extent possible reduction of wear and tear on the bottle, a smooth transfer. pure water packaging machine filling approach to micro-gravity vacuum filling, increase the speed of filling, the filling can be precise control level. Health-circulation pure water packaging machine lines for product quality to provide a reliable guarantee.
Technical Parameters
Filling temperature:5-30℃
Filling pressure0.2-0.25 MPa
Overall dimensions2560×1610×2650
Product show
Product Detail
Main Configuration
1Filling valveSUS304 stainless steel
2Water PumpGNP
3Main  MotorSIEMENS
6Touch screenMITSUBISHI
9Photoelectric switchOMRON
proximity switchOMRON
10Solenoid valveSMC
12Pneumatic elementSMC
13lube oil systemAutomatic Water Filling Machine manufacturers
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